Learn Fitness Domains in 10 minutes

In just 4 lessons you can become acquainted to the basics of a good name for your fitness company, be it a gym, a fitness center or a fitness startup.

Fitness Domains


Lesson 1 : Let’s talk Fitness

Your company has some relation to fitness. It could be a personal training firm, a fitness club, or a weight loss forum. Fitness is hot and the possibilities are countless. Your fitness domain name needs to communicate instanlywhat your business is all about, encouraging people to visit your website.

So you want a name that describes your company, in the best and shortest way possible. Avoid irrelevant, uncommon or cryptic names. The simplest a name, the better it works.

So if you own :

  • A Gym, a good idea might be a name that ends with “gym”. No longer than three words total.
  • A Blog, there are many decent websites that end in “blog”. Preferably no longer than three words total.
  • A Forum, a name ending in “forum” will probably work well. No longer than three words total.
  • An Application for tablets and smartphones, the standard here is a name that ends in “App”.
  • A Fitness Club : there are many possibilties here. The name should be creative. Common words you can include are : Fit, Fitness, Club and  Studio, but nothing is written in stone !
  • A Personal Training Business : You probably want the words Personal Training or Personal Trainer here, but your name will end up quite long. PT would also work, but it is not all too common outside Personal Trainers’ circles. We would either suggest a very short PT name (like six characters total), or a long, keyword-rich name that uses the full words Personal Trainer or Personal Training.
  • A Fitness Startup : You definitely need a creative name. If your startup uses the element of innovation, this creates several possibilities. Ideally you want a brandable, short, descriptive and memorable name. To be honest, your task is not easy.



Lesson 2 : Let’s talk Domains


A domain is like a small piece of land, where you can build your store. It’s not on planet Earth, it’s on planet…Internet.

Not all places are good or even suitable for opening and running a business.

There is a good neighbourhood, it’s called the .COM neighbourhood, you’d better buy a piece of land over there if you want to start a profitable business. Some people may advise you to go for .MOBI or .PRO or .WS. Don’t listen to them – insist on .COM.

Now in order to make it easy for people to find you (unless you don’t want clients), you should pick something that is both descriptive and memorable. People have trouble remembering numbers and they also hate hyphens. You should avoid those.

People like short names, up to 2 or 3 words. The shorter, the better. Use common words and phrases that make sense.



Lesson 3 : Let’s talk Clients and Prospects


The heart and soul of your fitness business is your clients. It’s not about your services, your skills, or your reputation. It’s those people who benefit from your labor, and without whom your business would have no reason to exist in the first place.

In these days of massive Internet use, your clients and potential clients judge you by your online presence. Sadly, many fitness professionals are not aware of this reality. This is not a matter of vanity : while a decent business name emphasizes your professional image, a so-so name makes people look at you with doubt.

A good fitness business name engages your clients. It makes them feel committed. They are delighted to be part of your community. Your name sends a clear message to which people can relate.

To recap : make sure your name sends the right message to your clients and prospects.



Lesson 4 : Let’s talk Internet


The Internet has its own peculiarities and it would be futile to list here all the important things that one should take into account to make sure their domain is Internet-friendly.

We will only focus on the two most important aspects :

  • Internet Business Safety and
  • Traffic


Internet Business Safety

Internet Business Safety refers to the suitability of a particular domain to be used for business. The following are the main issues which need to be addressed :

  • Existing Trademarks : You need to make sure that there are no existing trademarks on the name, or you risk being sued by the trademark owner
  • Domain History : Some domains have been used in the past for scam, fraud, spam, porn etc. These domains are marked as malicious or dangerous on several security sites. If you happen to use such a domain, your visitors will receive warning messages that you may not be a legitimate company. You certainly don’t want that !
  • Domain Bans : domain bans happen for several reasons and if you happen to buy a banned domain, your site will be effectively cut off the Internet, as search engines, like Google and Yahoo, have already de-indexed your website.



With traffic we mean how many people visit your website on a monthly or annual basis. Visitors may be clients, or prospects, or passers by. They may find your site by typing it in, or by using bookmarks, or by searching online, or through ads you may be running.

Any brick and mortar store needs traffic, and so does any online business. With that in mind, there are a few parameters that can help your site get more traffic :

  • Good keywords in the fitness domain name : this results in your site ranking better for that keyword
  • Fitness domains which already have backlinks : a backlink is a link from another site back to your site. These links get you traffic. They should come from relevant sites
  • Fitness domains with a higher pagerank : most domains start with pagerank 0 (new domains). Older domains may have a higher pagerank, which essentially helps the site to rank better and eventually get more traffic