How it works

Finding a catchy fitness name for your business is fast and easy. In just a few hours your new website can be up and running.

catchy fitness names

There are 5 steps in the procedure.


1.  Find your fitness domain name : 

        Use the top menu (Fitness Centers, Gyms etc) to browse names that match your  company’s activities. Or, use the Search bar on the top right to find domain names that contain a specific term (a keyword).


2.  Make payment through the escrow service (, which secures both parties (buyer and seller): 

      After you have found your domain, go to the bottom of the page and fill in the purchase form. The escrow service will now be initiated.  When prompted, complete the payment.


3.  The domain name will be transfered into your account : 

       In order to get your domain, you need to have an account with a so-called Registrar. A Registrar is a company (like,, etc.) which holds your domain names. To speed things up a bit, it is recommended that you already have an account with a registrar. A good choice is (popular and fast). You will be asked to provide the details of your account (usually account number and email address, BUT NEVER YOUR PASSWORD.) We will also let you know your options regarding registrars.


4. You confirm receiving the domain name into your account : 

       As soon as you accept the transfer of the domain you purchased and can see it in your account, you update the transaction status in the escrow service.


5. Deliverables are sent to you: 

     You receive the accompanying documents and images (reports, certificates, logos etc.) by email.



The whole procedure usually takes less than 2 hours. In rare cases it can take up to 5 days : this happens when you request that the domain be transfered to a specific registrar, and this registrar handles transfers very slowly. At any rate, we will let you know in advance how long the process is going to take.