Fitness domain names : Brandable names vs Keyword names

We can generally discriminate between two types of Fitness Domain Names : Brandable Names and Keyword Names. Read on to see which one is right for you.

Brandable Fitness Business Names

Brandable domain names are simple, catchy words or phrases, or invented words.

Examples :,,

They usually have some profound relation to Fitness in terms of their feel or sound. They are very popular because they are memorable and engaging. A good brandable name can become a strong business identity. Brandable domains are usually quite short, and they are rarely ever seen in extensions other than .COM.

Here is two simple “rules of thumb” to check if a brandable name is good for you :

  • Imagine you give your business card to a client. Do you feel proud showing your website address to them ?
  • Imagine you email a partner from your business email, which should be eg. . Do you feel great when you email them from this email address, or do you feel a little embarrassed ?


Keyword domain names are based on fitness keywords.

Examples :,,

The main purpose of a keyword domain is to incorporate good, valuable keywords.These keywords help the domain to rank easily in search engines and be found by people. The best case is when the domain matches exactly a highly sought after phrase, for instance Domain experts some times can gauge the value of a keyword domain by estimating the savings on advertising costs that the domain can offer by ranking on Google’s first page.

The most important things to consider when dealing with a keyword domain are :

  • The search volume : how many times a month is the exact phrase in the domain searched by users ?
  • The cost-per-click (CPC) : how much would you pay to advertise for this phrase ?
  • The “Competitive Landscape” : how many people are trying to rank for this term or phrase ? (the less, the better !)


Unlike brandable domains, keyword domains can be quite long. A keyword domain is also valuable in the .ORG, or even the .NET extension (not as good as .COM though). The best use for keyword-rich domain names is as lead generators to a company’s main website.