What we do and why

If you ever tried to come up with some creative domain names for your gym, or fitness blog, or nutrition forum, you may have noticed that all good names appear to be taken.

Many fitness professionals have realized with frustration that sweating to brainstorm a few catchy names for their fitness business just ain’t enough, and spending long hours over the keyboard seldom works. If you have seen the dreaded red message “Domain Not Available” you know what it feels like.

Fitness Business Names

We all have been in this nasty situation : understanding that a good name is essential for our business and still unable to find one. Perhaps this is something we should expect : new fitness businesses are opening every single day and there are only so many good fitness domain names. Some people, acting in desperation, will eventually settle for a nonsensical name or a nonsensical extension, like .biz or .mobi.

Finding a good name in reality involves many more steps than meets the eye. A fitness pro that has found a good name also needs to do his due dilligence :

  • Check for existing trademarks (Trademark infringement is illegal)
  • Check the domain’s history (Some domains have been used for fraud or spam etc in the past)
  • Verify that the domain is not banned (A banned domain will not appear at all in search engines)
  • and more


These highly specialized tasks are not easy for the average person to do. Here are some requirements for a qualified person to research for appropriate fitness business names :

  • Linguistic skills
  • Internet business education
  • Business branding knowledge
  • Domain research skills
  • Domain name specialization
  • Search engine optimizatiogn (SEO) skills
  • Market research and advertising knowledge


We incorporate all the above skills to uncover, research and verify fitness domains. This way we ensure that all domains listed on our website are appropriate and safe for a fitness business to use.

With an instantly available fitness domain from FitnessNames.com :

  • You save several hours of digging in uncertainty.
  • You get peace of mind. All the due dilligence has been done for you.
  • You pick the name you fall in love with, versus settling for whatever was left.
  • You can rest assured the Internet and business aspect of your fitness domain are of high standards.
  • You will appear very professional.
  • You can engage and preserve your clientele.


Remember, a great fitness name is not everything, but is a very good start.