Checklist : Is this domain name suitable for your fitness business ?

This is a complete checklist that you can use at any time to verify that a fitness domain name is suitable for business.

Fitness Domain Names Checklist
  1. Is the domain name descriptive or hinting to your company’s activities ? A good domain name communicates what you do instantly. At the very least, your domain should hint to people who see it that you have some relation to fitness.
  2. Is the domain name memorable ? Names with uncommon or irrelevant words should be avoided. Very long names are not sticky.
  3. Is the domain name a .COM ? Good brandable names are registered in .COM. Anything else hurts your professional image.
  4. Is the domain name easy to say ? Is it easy to spell ? A good name should pass the so-called “Radio Test”, ie. a potential customer must be able to find the company website after listening to a commercial and hearing the company domain name mentioned.
  5. Is the domain name short ? Shorter names are easier to remember. The shorter, the better.
  6. Has the domain name ever been banned or de-indexed by Google or other search engines and directories ? That would make finding your website nearly impossible.
  7. Has the domain name ever been used for spamming, scam, fraud, porn etc in the past ? The previous owners of the domain (if any) may have made bad use of the domain. A poor online reputation will undermine your company’s efforts.
  8. Does the domain infringe on any existing trademarks ? A domain name that violates a registered trademark can not be used.