Names for a Weight Loss Business


These names can help a weight loss business look more professional and be found more easily. Examples : a weight loss center, a new informational weight loss website, an online magazine, a store selling weight loss products.


A distinctive, powerful name.


Look Great, Feel Great, Be Great.

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Get the Low Carb Low Down.


Get Into the Groove of Health and Fitness !

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The Body Shaper is known for one thing : he/she gets you RESULTS.

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Everything You Need to Power Your Life Through Paleo.

Good Fitness Names
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Fitness Obsession Taken to the Point of Madness.

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Up the Intensity, Feel the Burn.

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Paleo recipes, list of foods, advice, a live forum – all in one app !


Drop a Dress Size at the Touch of a Button.


Are You Ready for the Shape You Deserve ?

Each name comes with its own certificate and professional logo, so you can use it right away ! Click on a logo to find more details about the name.

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